Since 1983 she is married with Euripides-Paul Korres, with whom she shares a lot of interests (rallying, shooting, travels). They live outside of Athens, in Rafina, in a house surrounded by pine trees and cats.

Members of the family are the cats Decka, who was born under the wooden deck of the back yard and Sonia, the cat of the late Julia Korres. Sonia came to Rafina when Julia passed away. The cat family has increased with two more members, Marrrtha, who was found in a car before it was recycled and Carrot, who was cilmbing on anyone entering the house and finally succeeding. Marrrtha gave birth to two very naughty kitten on May 21 2017, hence named Gus (Constantine) and Helen.

Euripides is the son of Manolis Korres, a significant contemporary playwright whose work you can find at

Tonia is the elder sister of Maria with whom except of the family bonds they share their common passion for rallying and the island of Andros.