Educational Material

Design and Implementation of E-Learning Programs (2018) - Design and Implementation of E-Learning Programs (2018). Read More
Integrating Adult Education Principles in an Online Environment (2016). 1h 42 min - A series of 10 video lectures. The integration of online learning principles and practices introduces a new set of issues as adult learners often have to overcome several barriers to e-learning, such as access to online courses and the sense of isolation and lack of immediacy between teachers and other learners in online learning environments. Read More
Training of Adults’ Educators (Εκπαίδευση εκπαιδευτών εισαγωγικής εκπαίδευσης) (2013) - Co-authorship with Vassiliki Nikolopoulou, Piera Leftheriotou, Andreas Papadantonakis and Manos Pavlakis, of notes on the educational program «Training of Adults' Educators» of the Greek National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (E.K.D.D.A.). In Greek. Read More
Traffic Accident Prevention (Πρόληψη Κυκλοφοριακών Ατυχημάτων) (2000) - Co-authorship with Piera Leftheriotou and Stelios Pelasgos-Katsaounis of educational material for road safety training for children on behal fo the Public Agency for Health and Social Affairs of the Municipality of Volos (D.O.Y.K.). In Greek. Read More
Roadcraft for children (1995) - Development, in co-operation with Piera Leftheriotou, of special road safety training materials (video, leaflet, poster, training file) addressed to parents and teachers, on behalf of the Greek General Secretariat for Adult Education. Illustration: Katerina Veroutsou Read More
I learn to read and write (Μαθαίνω γράμματα) (1992) - Co-authorship of educational material for Roma children titled "I learn to read and write (Μαθαίνω γράμματα)" and the corresponding teachers' handbook, G.G.L.E publishing. In Greek. Read More